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Ananya Tiwari

Research Interests

Measuring association between Socio - emotional (SE) skills and academic performance 

Designing cross cultural interventions

Studying SE skills at the intersection of poverty and gender 


PhD Educational Psychology, UIUC



  • 2020: Fred S. Bailey Fellowship for Community Leadership, Service, and Activism, YMCA 
  • 2020: Illinois Innovation Prize
  • 2019: Illinois International Achievement Award


Awards and Honors

  • 2020: Due and Ferber International Research Award 
  • 2019: Global Intersections Studies Grant 
  • 2019: Graduate College Conference Travel Grant 
  • 2019: Hardie Conference Travel Grant
  • 2019: iVenture Accelerator Grant 


Courses Taught

EPSY 201 Educational Psychology

EPSY 202 Career Theory and Practice