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Paolo Gardoni


Additional Campus Affiliations

Alfredo H. Ang Family Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Office of Risk Management & Insurance Research (ORMIR) Faculty Fellow, Finance
Professor, Biomedical and Translational Sciences
Professor, Women & Gender in Global Perspectives
Professor, Center for African Studies
Professor, Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering

Recent Publications

Dunton, A., & Gardoni, P. (2024). Generating network representations of small-scale infrastructure using generally available data. Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, 39(8), 1143-1158.

Lai, D., Nocera, F., Demartino, C., Xiao, Y., & Gardoni, P. (2024). Probabilistic models of dynamic increase factor (DIF) for reinforced concrete structures: A Bayesian approach. Structural Safety, 108, Article 102430.

Lan, M., Gardoni, P., Weng, W., Shen, K., He, Z., & Pan, R. (2024). Modeling the evolution of industrial accidents triggered by natural disasters using dynamic graphs: A case study of typhoon-induced domino accidents in storage tank areas. Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 241, Article 109656.

Li, S. Q., & Gardoni, P. (2024). Seismic loss assessment for regional building portfolios considering empirical seismic vulnerability functions. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, 22(2), 487-517.

Makhoul, N., Roohi, M., van de Lindt, J. W., Sousa, H., Santos, L. O., Argyroudis, S., Barbosa, A., Derras, B., Gardoni, P., Lee, J. S., Mitoulis, S., Moffett, B., Navarro, C., Padgett, J., Rincon, R., Schmidt, F., Shaban, N., Stefanidou, S., Tubaldi, E., ... Zmigrodzki, S. (2024). Seismic Resilience of Interdependent Built Environment for Integrating Structural Health Monitoring and Emerging Technologies in Decision-Making. Structural Engineering International: Journal of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE), 34(1), 19-33.

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