March 4, 2021 

10am-4pm via zoom

Complete schedule below


poster of anniversary symposium


10:00 am            Opening Remarks

10:10am             Panel 1: Gender and the Built Infrastructure
                           Chair: Isabel Scarborough, Parkland College and GRID Alumna

Cherub Antwi-Nsiah      Millennium Development Authority, Ghana
 “Improving the Reliability and Stability of Electricity Service Delivery in Ghana: What has Gender Got to Do with It?”

Grace Malindi                  Mgom’mera Seeds, Malawi
“The Evolution of Participatory Packaging of: Integrated Technologies with Information, Education, Communication Modes (Paitiec) Within the Four Decades”

Saket Sarraf                     ps Collective
“Gender dimensions in climate-related adaptation policies in India”  (draft, to be finalized)

11:30am             Panel 2: REFLECTION ON THE PAST 40TH Years
                             Chair: Flavia Andrade, WGGP


12:40pm             Panel 3: Gender and Disasters
Chair: Angharad Valdivia, Institute of Communications Research and GRID Alumna

Tutin Aryanti                   Department of Architecture, Universitas Pendidkan, Indonesia
“Women in Disaster Mitigation”

Khalida Malik                  UN World Food Programme (Retired), Pakistan
"Disasters and Women's Vulnerabilities"


1:30pm               Panel 4: Gender and Societies
Suzana Palaska-Nicholson, ACES International Programs and GRID Alumna

Koeli Goel          Writer, Researcher, Community Organizer and filmmaker
                             Founder-Director of the non-profit Dharitree Ecosphere
“Wings of Fire: #MeTooIndia marks Historic Face-off with entrenched patriarchal Order.”

Bala Saho           Department of History, University of Oklahoma
“Ritualizing the Womb: Kañeleng Women’s Resolve to Counter Infertility in the Senegambia”


2:30pm               Panel 5: Gender and Global Perspectives
                           Chair: Vernita Pearl Fort, WGGP and Center for African Studies

Katherine Roth                Contributing Writer, The Associated Press
"Global Perspectives: Things aren’t always what they seem"

Annie Contractor            Executive Director, Africa’s Tomorrow; Founder & CEO of Workplace Equity Partners

 “How a global gender perspective is an asset to a domestic career and US stakeholders”


3:20pm               Closing Remarks and conversation


Speaker information

Cherub Antwi-Nsiah
Director, Gender and Social Inclusion
Millennium Development Authority, Ghana
PhD Geography (GRID 1991)

Tutin Aryanti
Chair, Department of Architecture
Universitas Pendidkan, Indonesia
PhD Architecture (GRID 2010)

Annie Contractor
Executive Director, Africa’s Tomorrow and Founder and CEO of Workplace Equity Partners
MS Urban and Regional Planning (GRID 2015)

Koeli Goel
Writer, Researcher, Community Organizer and filmmaker
Founder-Director of the non-profit Dharitree Ecosphere

PhD Communications and Media (GRID 2012)

Khalida Malik
UN World Food Programme (Retired), Pakistan
PhD Sociology (GRID 1993)

Grace Malindi
Co-Founder and CEO Mgom’mera Seeds, Malawi
PhD Human and Community Development (GRID 1997)

Katherine Roth
Contributing Writer, The Associated Press
MA Journalism and Middle East Studies (GRID 1989)

Saket Sarraf
Founder and Principle, ps Collective
Visiting Faculty, CEPT University, India
PhD Urban and Regional Planning (GRID 2003)

Bala Saho
Associate Professor of History
University of Oklahoma, USA
MA African Studies (GRID 2007)
PhD History, Michigan State University