Advising for the GRID program is carried out by the WGGP Assistant Director. The WGGP office monitors the GRID admission process and fulfillment of GRID minor requirements while the student's departmental academic advisor continues to advise and monitor for the satisfaction of their department's requirements. GRID Representatives from sponsoring units (listed below) inform interested students in their departments about the GRID Minor and sign the GRID admission form when their students wish to enroll. Special arrangements can be made for students in departments not currently participating.




Location / Address

Phone Number


Applied Research Institute Ann-Perry Witmer Applied Research Institute, Suite 204 (217) 244-7805

Center for African Studies

Maimouna Barro

125 Coble Hall

(217) 333-6335

Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies

Yuchia Chang

211 Coble Hall

(217) 333-7273 

Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Angela Williams

125 Coble Hall

(217) 244-5939

Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Kasia Szremski

223 Coble Hall

(217) 333-3182

College of Law

Rebecca Ray

504 E Pennsylvania Ave

(217) 244-6415

Department of African American Studies

Erik McDuffie

1201 W Nevada

(217) 300-2409

Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics

Mary Arends-Kuenning

408 Mumford Hall

(217) 333-0753

Department of Anthropology

Mahir Saul

607 S Mathews

(217) 244-3502

Department of Asian American Studies

Lila Adib Sharif

1208 W Nevada St

(217) 244-9530

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Paolo Gardoni

3118 Newmark Civil Engineering Bldg

(217) 333-5103

Department of Dance

Cynthia Oliver

Dance Administration Bldg, Room 102

(217) 333-1010

Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures


2090A Foreign Language Building

(217) 244-1432

Department of Economics

Hadi Esfahani (Professor)

214 David Kinley Hall

(217) 333-2681

Department of Educational Policy Studies

Pradeep Dhillon

369 Education Bldg

(217) 333-5236

Department of Educational Psychology

Melissa Goodnight

210F Education Bldg

(217) 333-0960

Department of English

Ramón E Soto-Crespo

343 English Building

(217) 333-2391

Department of French and Italian

Felisa Vergara Reynolds

2107 Foreign Language Bldg

(217) 333-2020

Department of Gender and Women’s Studies

Karen Flynn

1205 W Nevada

(217) 333-2990

Department of Geography

Thomas Bassett

2032 Natural History Bldg

(217) 333-1880

Department of History

Terri Barnes

309 Gregory Hall

(217) 333-2297

Department of Human and Community Development

Ramona Oswald

222 Bevier Hall

(217) 333-2547

Department of Philosophy

Colleen Murphy

 504 E Pennsylvania Ave

(217) 244-0675

Department of Political Science

Merle Bowen

1201 W Nevada

(217) 300-4329

Department of Psychology

Gary Wszalek

10 Psychology Bldg

(217) 333-7846

Department of History

Antoinette Burton

309 Gregory Hall

(217) 333-6874

Department of Kinesiology and Community Health

Caitlin Leeann Clarke

298 Freer Hall

(217) 300-5345

Department of Landscape Architecture

D Fairchild Ruggles

101 Temple Hoyne Buell Hall

(217) 333-9279

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

McKenzie Frances Johnson

W-503 Turner Hall

(217) 333-2770

Department of Sociology

Cynthia Buckley

3116 Lincoln Hall

(217) 300-0233

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Ann Abbott

4080 Foreign Language Bldg

(217) 333-6714

Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Faranak Miraftab

111 Temple Buell

(217) 333-3891 AND (217) 265-8238

European Union Center


205 Coble Hall


Gender and Women’s Studies

Tasha Robles

1205 W Nevada

(217) 244-6732

Gies College of Business

Denise Lewin Loyd

61 Wohlers Hall

(217) 300-6750

LAS Global Studies

Charles Joseph Fogelman

3062 Lincoln Hall

(217) 333-0178

Latina/Latino Studies Program

Alicia Rodriguez

1207 W Oregon

(217) 244-9732

Program in Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security

Cliff Singer

100F Talbot Laboratory

(217) 333-1814

Russian East European and Eurasian Center

Maureen Marshall

107 Coble Hall

(217) 333-1244

School of Architecture

Kathryn Anthony

412 Architecture Bldg

(217) 244-5520

School of Information Sciences

Kathryn A La Barre




School of Labor and Employment Relations

Elizabeth Barker

Room 149B LER

(217) 333-2381

School of Social Work

Min Zhan

1010 W Nevada, Room 2002N

(217) 244-5252

Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program

Colleen Murphy

111 Coble Hall

(217) 244-0675