Gender Relations in International Development Graduate Minor (GRID) Course List, Spring 2023

WGGP Course Elective List Fall 2023 (click for pdf link)

GRID elective courses Complete list of all Elective Courses for WGGP GRID Minor (click for pdf link)

This Course List, compiled by the Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program (WGGP), includes GRID Core and Elective Courses that are approved for the graduate minor, Gender Relations in International Development (GRID), administered by WGGP in conjunction with the School of Social Work. The interdisciplinary GRID minor has been cooperatively developed by a number of sponsoring academic units for students who are interested in scholarship and employment in such areas as public policy analysis and planning, international agriculture, international business, comparative education, comparative social science and human resource development in an international context.

For the GRID minor, students must, in addition to fulfilling the degree requirements of their major department, take:

  1. GRID Core Seminar (WGGP 581/SocW 581/GWS 512 offered every Spring).
  2. Two more additional units of course work from a broad list of GRID Elective Courses (at least one course must be at the 500-level, two courses must be from different disciplines, and combined credits of all electives must equal 8)

Core Course for the GRID Graduate Minor (Offered every Spring)

Students in this course acquire the theoretical and empirical skills required for understanding, evaluating, and critiquing development programs and policies.  The core focus is on the gendered dimensions of such programs and policies.  Theoretical skills are acquired through comparative analyses of competing models of development such as the capability approach, dependency theory, and neo-liberal theory.  Empirical skills are built by critically evaluating national and international programs and policies related to education, health, nutrition, and agriculture as well as access to economic resources and the means of production.  This course satisfies the core requirement for the GRID graduate minor offered by the Women and Gender in Global Perspectives (WGGP) program and Human and Community Development in cooperation with departments and units across campus; for more information, check the WGGP webpage. Related seminars and other programs are offered by WGGP and cosponsors; students are encouraged to attend these and other related events.