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Brian Gabriel Ogolsky


Additional Campus Affiliations

Office of Research Fellow, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Professor, Human Development and Family Studies
Director of Graduate Studies, Human Development and Family Studies
Professor, Women & Gender in Global Perspectives
Affiliate, Center for Social and Behavioral Science

Recent Publications

Hardesty, J. L., Ogolsky, B. G., & Akinbode, T. D. (2024). Coparenting and intimate partner violence. Family Court Review, 62(1), 131-145.

Dobson, K., Ogolsky, B. G., & Stanton, S. C. E. (2023). So where do you see this going? The effects of commitment asymmetry and asynchrony on relationship satisfaction and break-up. European Journal of Social Psychology, 53(5), 890-905.

Hu, Y., Ogolsky, B. G., & Stafford, L. (2023). The role of individual- and interactive-level relationship maintenance on married couples' commitment. Personal Relationships, 30(4), 1426-1448.

Ogolsky, B. G., & Stafford, L. (2023). A systematic review of relationship maintenance: Reflecting back and looking to the future. Personal Relationships, 30(1), 19-43.

Ogolsky, B. G., Hardesty, J. L., Theisen, J. C., Park, S. Y., Maniotes, C. R., Whittaker, A. M., Chong, J., & Akinbode, T. D. (2023). Parsing Through Public Records: When and How is Self-Reported Violence Documented and When Does it Influence Custody Outcomes? Journal of Family Violence, 38(3), 543-555.

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