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Eunmi Mun

Associate Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, School of Labor and Employment Relations
Associate Professor, Women & Gender in Global Perspectives
Affiliate, Center for Social and Behavioral Science
Associate Professor, Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies

Recent Publications

Godechot, O., Neumann, N., Apascaritei, P., Boza, I., Hallsten, M., Henriksen, L., Hermansen, A., Hou, F., Jung, J., Kodama, N., Křížková, A., Lippényi, Z., Elvira, M. M., Melzer, S. M., Mun, E., Sabanci, H., Soener, M., & Thaning, M. (2023). Ups and downs in finance, ups without downs in inequality. Socio-Economic Review, 21(3), 1601-1627. Article mwac036.

Penner, A. M., Petersen, T., Hermansen, A. S., Rainey, A., Boza, I., Elvira, M. M., Godechot, O., Hällsten, M., Henriksen, L. F., Hou, F., Mrčela, A. K., King, J., Kodama, N., Kristal, T., Křížková, A., Lippényi, Z., Melzer, S. M., Mun, E., Apascaritei, P., ... Tufail, Z. (2023). Within-job gender pay inequality in 15 countries. Nature human behaviour, 7(2), 184-189.

Jung, J., Lippenyi, Z., & Mun, E. (2022). Workplace volatility and gender inequality: a comparison of the Netherlands and South Korea. Socio-Economic Review, 20(4), 1679-1740.

Mun, E., & Kodama, N. (2022). Meritocracy at Work?: Merit-Based Reward Systems and Gender Wage Inequality. Social Forces, 100(4), 1561-1591. Article soab083.

Oh, E., & Mun, E. (2022). Compensatory Work Devotion: How a Culture of Overwork Shapes Women’s Parental Leave in South Korea. Gender and Society, 36(4), 552-577.

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