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Naoko Gunji

Assistant Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Assistant Professor, Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies
Assistant Professor, Women & Gender in Global Perspectives

Recent Publications

Gunji, N. (2022). Amidaji: Emperor Antoku's Mortuary Temple and Its Culture. (Japanese Visual Culture; Vol. 21). Brill.

Gunji, N. (2018). Taira no Tokushi’s Birth of Emperor Antoku. In K. M. Gerhart (Ed.), Women, Rites, and Ritual Objects in Premodern Japan (pp. 89-137). (Brill's Japanese Studies Library; Vol. 63). Brill.

Gunji, N. (2017). Heike Paintings in the Early Edo Period: Edification and Ideology for Elite Men and Women. Archives of Asian Art, 67(1), 1-24.

Gunji, N. (2015). Horrified Victors: Spirit Pacification of Heike Losers. In M. S. Adolphson, & A. Commons (Eds.), Lovable Losers: The Heike in Action and Memory (pp. 166-184). University of Hawaii Press.

Gunji, N. (2013). The Ritual Narration of Mortuary Art: The Illustrated Story of Emperor Antoku and Its Etoki at Amidaji. Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, 40(2), 203-245.

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