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Rebecca Lynn Thornton

Associate Professor


Economics, Ph.D., Harvard University

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Women & Gender in Global Perspectives
Associate Professor, Center for African Studies

Recent Publications

Kleemans, M., & Thornton, R. L. (2023). Fully Promoted: The Distribution and Determinants of Full Professorship in the Economics Profession. AEA Papers and Proceedings, 113, 467-472.

Buhl-Wiggers, J., Kerwin, J. T., Muñoz-Morales, J., Smith, J., & Thornton, R. (Accepted/In press). Some children left behind: Variation in the effects of an educational intervention. Journal of Econometrics.

Cawley, J., Daly, M., & Thornton, R. (2022). The effect of beverage taxes on youth consumption and body mass index: Evidence from Mauritius. Health Economics (United Kingdom), 31(6), 1033-1045.

Halim, D., Powers, E. T., & Thornton, R. (2022). Gender Differences in Economics Course-Taking and Majoring: Findings from an RCT. AEA Papers and Proceedings, 112, 597-602.

Musse, I., Thornton, R., & Ghimire, D. (2022). How Do Women Learn They Are Pregnant? The Introduction of Clinics and Pregnancy Awareness in Nepal. Studies in family planning, 53(1), 43-59.

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