Tuesday, November 17, 2020, at 10:00am CST

The Center for African Studies will be hosting an event titled "75 years of the UN and the Africana Diaspora--a special CAS webinar" on Tuesday, November 17 @ 10:00am. Event will feature WGGP Visiting Research Scholar Vernita Pearl Fort as a guest speaker. 

This Webinar celebrates the United Nations' 75th anniversary while remembering that the UN Charter was written at a time when most of the Black world was under colonial or Jim Crow rule, and thus blocked from participation. Also, the UN Charter concentrates global veto power in the five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council, a core democratic deficit. Now the world acutely faces the interlocking global crises of the pandemic, climate change, poverty, inequality, racialized hierarchies of systemic oppression, war, and nuclear threat.  New vehicles of global participatory democracy for structural change are urgently required. International panelists from across the globe and the Africana diaspora, will discuss how a UN Charter Review, as provided and promised by the Charter itself, offers an opening to do such work. CAS Research Scholar Vernita Pearl Fort, whose forthcoming study engendered the Webinar, will lead the conversation.

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