Dr. Richa Nagar: "Situated Solidarities, Radical Vulnerability, and Hungry Translations"

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On October 17th, 2022 Women and Gender in Global Perspective Program hosted a talk by Dr. Richa Nagar on "Situated Solidarities, Radical Vulnerability, and Hungry Translations"

In this talk, Richa Nagar drew on two decades of creative labors undertaken with the Sangtin farmers' and laborers' organization {SKMS), Parakh Theater, and students at the University of Minnesota. She will share insights about the manner in which collective intellectual agitation can unsettle cultures of nstitutionalized expertise while productively refusing the dominant tendency to discipline political, pedagogical, and artistic engagements. Theorizing through diaries, stories, plays, and protest, Nagar argues for the need to embody situated solidarities through radical vulnerability across unequal sociopolitical sites. Such situated solidarities become co­authored journeys. They allow for an unending process of ethical and politically-aware mediation that remains hungry for continuous deepening of relationships and for unforeseen political possibilities in search of social and poetic justice: i.e., hungry translations. 

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