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WGGP Graduate Forum-Spring 2023

WGGP hosted the virtual WGGP Graduate Forum on April 14, 2023 from 12:00-2:30pm.  The forum was an opportunity to showcase the work of graduate students that received support and financial funding through the WGGP Fellowships and Awards.

"Dismantling culture in older Indonesian women's food-related activities and settings"
Widya Ramadhani, Design Researcher and Doctoral Candidate in the School of Architecture 2021-2022 Barbara A. Yates Fellow, 2022-2023 Rita and Arnold Goodman Fellow
Discussant: Dr. Maryam Kashani, Assistant Professor, Gender and Women's Studies and Asian American Studies

"Narratives and Counternarratives of Victim blaming in Egypt"
Nehal Elmeligy, Sociology Doctoral Candidate 2022-2023 Evelyne Accad and Paul Vieille Research Award
Discussant: Dr. Angela Williams, Associate Director, Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

"Intersectional Equity Planning through Community-based Diverse Economies: The Case of Sunni Baluch Women Needleworkers in Iran"
Atyeh Ashtari, Urban and Regional Planning Doctoral Candidate 2021-2022 Evelyne Accad and Paul Vieille Research Award, 2022-2023 Barbara A. Yates Fellow
Discussant: Dr. Zsuzsa Gille, Professor, Sociology

"Structural Determinants of Gender Inequality: Examining Belonging in Educational settings for Marginalized Girls in India"
Ananya Tiwari, Co-Founder of SwaTaleem and Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Educational Psychology 2021-2022 Rita and Arnold Goodman Fellow
Discussant: Dr. Wynne Korr, Professor Emerita, School of Social Work