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Isabel Scarborough

Isabel Scarborough Photo

Isabel Scarborough from Bolivia, has a BA in Anthropology from Bryn Mawr College and is currently in the doctoral program of Sociocultural Anthropology. She has received several Foreign Language Area Scholarships as well as a Tinker Field Research Award which made possible her pre-dissertation research in Cochabamba last summer. Her research examines the role of market women in the recent and ongoing social and political transformations experienced by Bolivian society in the past decade. She feels that the participation of these women is little known but particularly relevant given the country’s new indigenous government and political parties, both of which are based on social grassroots organizations these market women are actively involved in. Ms. Scarborough has participated in research projects and consulting work in Bolivia as well as university-level teaching and the production of an ethnographic film. She plans to be in Cochabamba again this summer and next to continue her fieldwork. She has been invited to be part of a team from the Division of Gender at the Universidad Mayor de San Simon that will be doing a demographic study of market women’s unions. The results of the study will be published in the college academic journal. She has published articles in Spanish and English and she is competent in Quechua language.