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Due and Ferber International Research Award

Jean Due and Marianne Ferber with our other donors at the Spring 2020 reception
Jean Due and Marianne Ferber at the Spring 2007 reception

This award was created by University Professors Jean Due and Marianne Ferber to support dissertation research addressing international issues of women, gender, and development.  Students must be enrolled in the the Gender Relations in International Development (GRID) Interdisciplinary Minor offered by the Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program (WGGP).  Preference will be given to female students who work promises to make significant contributions to the improvement of women's lives and gender equity in the developing world.  Qualified students are eligible to apply for grants of up to $1,000 for expenses related to their dissertation research. 

This award is now handled through the Illinois International Programs office. 
Please visit for more details.