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Rose Korang- Okrah

Rose Okrah Photo

Rose Korang-Okrah from Ghana, is a doctoral student in the School of Social Work. She has a BA in Social Work with Psychology from the University of Ghana and an MSW in Social Work from Washington University, St. Louis. She has extensive experience teaching math in the public schools in Ghana as well as organizing career and reproductive health counseling for youth. She worked with the World Food Program to promote girls’ education in Ghana and organized training programs and workshops on gender analysis for education officers and ministers. She conducted evaluations of Head Start Programs in St. Louis, and she wrote and received a $20,000 grant for an after school program there. Rose has won several International Peace Scholarships, and this year she was awarded the Daniel Sander Fellowship in International Social Development. Her research examines the risks and protective factors following the loss of women’s property rights in Ghana and the effects of assets acquisition on their social and economic well-being.