WGGP Faculty Affiliate Dr. Rebecca Smith was a guest speaker for the CGS-WGGP panel titled "Syndemics: Theory & Application" (November 11, 2020). Rebecca is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pathobiology and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). Her research focuses on epidemiology, specifically the mathematical and statistical modeling of disease, with an emphasis on control. Rebecca is particularly interested in the ways that data can be used for real-time response to disease. Click here to view Dr. Rebecca Smith's Faculty Affiliate profile.

About "Syndemics: Theory & Application": Syndemics refers to complex epidemics involving two types of adverse interaction – the clustering and interactions of two or more diseases or health conditions (the biological–biological interface)and social environmental factors (the biological–social interface). The theory has been widely applied in the fields of medicine, public health and anthropology. CGS and WGGP are proud to welcome four scholars who have been active in this new field of research. 

Guest speakers: Emily Mendenhall, Bayla Ostrach, Rebecca Smith, Caitlin Clarke 

Click here to watch "Syndemics: Theory & Application".