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Rebecca Lee Smith

Associate Professor

Research Interests

My research focuses on epidemiology, specifically the mathematical and statistical modeling of disease, with an emphasis on control. I am particularly interested in the ways that data can be used for real-time response to disease.


epidemiology, PhD, Cornell University
biosecurity and risk analysis, MS, Kansas State University
veterinary, DVM, Cornell University

Courses Taught

I teach Principles and Methods of Epidemiology, PATH 517, every fall. I also lead the discussion-based Epidemiology/Parasitology Seminar, PATH 527, most springs, with a changing topic each semester. I co-facilitating a new course on Global One Health: Infectious Diseases, being held in Fall 2019 under PATH 494. I am also available for independent studies related to epidemiology and disease modeling.

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Pathobiology
Associate Professor, Biomedical and Translational Sciences
Associate Professor, Kinesiology and Community Health
Associate Professor, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology
Associate Professor, Center for Digital Agriculture, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
Associate Professor, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
Affiliate, Center for Social and Behavioral Science
Associate Professor, Women & Gender in Global Perspectives

Recent Publications

Farjo, M., Koelle, K., Martin, M. A., Gibson, L. L., Walden, K. K. O., Rendon, G., Fields, C. J., Alnaji, F. G., Gallagher, N., Luo, C. H., Mostafa, H. H., Manabe, Y. C., Pekosz, A., Smith, R. L., McManus, D. D., & Brooke, C. B. (2024). Within-host evolutionary dynamics and tissue compartmentalization during acute SARS-CoV-2 infection. Journal of virology, 98(1).

Wan, G., Allen, J., Ge, W., Rawlani, S., Uelmen, J., Mainzer, L. S., & Smith, R. L. (2024). Two-step light gradient boosted model to identify human west nile virus infection risk factor in Chicago. PloS one, 19(1 January), Article e0296283.

Chakraborty, S., Steckler, T. L., Gronemeyer, P., Mateus-Pinilla, N., & Smith, R. L. (2023). Farmers’ Knowledge and Practices About Ticks and Tickborne Diseases in Illinois. Journal of Agromedicine, 28(4), 756-768.

Chakrabortyid, S., Gao, S., Allan, B. F., & Smith, R. L. (2023). Effects of cattle on vector-borne disease risk to humans: A systematic review. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 2023-December, Article e0011152.

Hatcher, K. M., Smith, R. L., Chiang, C., Flaws, J. A., & Mahoney, M. M. (2023). Nocturnal Hot Flashes, but Not Serum Hormone Concentrations, as a Predictor of Insomnia in Menopausal Women: Results from the Midlife Women's Health Study. Journal of Women's Health, 32(1), 94-101.

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