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Hope C Michelson

Associate Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Associate Professor, Center for Digital Agriculture, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences
Associate Professor, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
Associate Professor, Women & Gender in Global Perspectives
Associate Professor, Center for African Studies

Recent Publications

Abay, K. A., Wossen, T., Abate, G. T., Stevenson, J. R., Michelson, H., & Barrett, C. B. (2023). Inferential and Behavioral Implications of Measurement Error in Agricultural Data. Annual Review of Resource Economics, 15, 63-83.

Berazneva, J., Maertens, A., Mhango, W., & Michelson, H. (2023). Paying for agricultural information in Malawi: The role of soil heterogeneity. Journal of Development Economics, 165, Article 103144.

Cardell, L., & Michelson, H. (2023). Price risk and small farmer maize storage in Sub-Saharan Africa: New insights into a long-standing puzzle. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 105(3), 737-759.

Michelson, H., Gourlay, S., Lybbert, T., & Wollburg, P. (2023). Review: Purchased agricultural input quality and small farms. Food Policy, 116, Article 102424.

Harou, A. P., Madajewicz, M., Michelson, H., Palm, C. A., Amuri, N., Magomba, C., Semoka, J. M., Tschirhart, K., & Weil, R. (2022). The joint effects of information and financing constraints on technology adoption: Evidence from a field experiment in rural Tanzania. Journal of Development Economics, 155, Article 102707.

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