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Karen Kramer

Associate Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies
Associate Professor, School of Labor and Employment Relations
Associate Professor, Women & Gender in Global Perspectives
Affiliate, Center for Social and Behavioral Science

Recent Publications

Gong, Q., Ju, S., & Kramer, K. Z. (Accepted/In press). Children's socioemotional skills and fathers' work satisfaction: Mediation of fathers' parenting. Family Relations.

Kramer, A., Han, K. H., Kim, Y. K., & Kramer, K. Z. (2024). Inefficiencies and bias in first job placement: The case of professional Asian nationals in the United States. Journal of Industrial Relations, 66(2), 263-290.

Gong, Q., Kramer, K. Z., & Tu, K. M. (2023). Fathers’ Marital Conflict and Children’s Socioemotional Skills: A Moderated-Mediation Model of Conflict Resolution and Parenting. Journal of Family Psychology, 37(7), 1048-1059.

Ju, S., Gong, Q., & Kramer, K. Z. (2023). Association of Parents’ Work-Related Stress and Children’s Socioemotional Competency: Indirect Effects of Family Mealtimes. Journal of Family Psychology, 37(7), 977-983.

Kramer, A., Han, K. H., Kim, Y. K., & Kramer, K. Z. (2023). DISCRIMINATION AGAINST ASIAN IMMIGRANTS TO THE US: QUALITY OF THE FIRST ORGANIZATIONAL PLACEMENT. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, 2023(1).

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