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Margareth Etienne


Research Interests

Children and the Law; Criminal Law; Criminal Procedure; Sentencing


J.D. Yale Law School
A.B. Yale University

Additional Campus Affiliations

Senior Associate Dean for Graduate & International Programs, College of Law
Carl L. Vacketta Professor, College of Law
Professor, College of Law
Professor, Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory
Professor, Women & Gender in Global Perspectives
Professor, Center for Global Studies
Professor, Center for African Studies

Recent Publications

McAdams, R. H., & Etienne, M. (2023). Criminogenic Risks of Interrogation. Indiana Law Journal, 98(4), 1031-1087.

Etienne, M. (2021). Biden's Singular Priority for Education: Opening Schools and Opportunities President Biden's First 100 Days: A Symposium. University of Illinois Law Review Online, 2021, 34-38.

Etienne, M., & McAdams, R. (2021). Police Deception in Interrogation as a Problem of Procedural Legitimacy. Texas Tech Law Review, 54(1), 21-38.

Etienne, M. (2018). Education, Violence, and Re-Wiring Our Schools. University of Chicago Legal Forum, 2018, 89-116.

Etienne, M. (2018). Managing Parents: Navigating Parental Rights in Juvenile Cases. Connecticut Law Review, 50(1), 61-90.

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