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Samantha Anne Lindgren

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Dr. Lindgren’s work focuses on youth-oriented Sustainability Education, including Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development, and its impact on decision-making in the home, both in the United States and abroad. Her work is situated in topics of household energy and sustainable agriculture. She examines youth and their ability to affect change in their homes and communities through purposeful sustainability education programming in formal and informal settings. Internationally, her work is focused on the introduction of efficient cookstoves and sustainable agriculture practices in resource-limited settings and the role that education and youth play in strengthening community resilience. Domestically, she examines environmental education programming that addresses access and equity, as a way to connect youth and their households to their local environments. Dr. Lindgren is affiliated faculty in the department of Agriculture and Biological Engineering and the Technology Entrepreneurship Center in the Grainger College of Engineering, as well as the Women and Gender in Global Perspectives program.


Agricultural and Biological Engineering, PhD, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Physics Teaching and Learning, M.Ed., University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Astrophysics, B.S., University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Education Policy, Organization and Leadership
Assistant Professor, Women & Gender in Global Perspectives

Recent Publications

Lindgren, S. (2024). Sociocultural determinants of electric cooking in rural Namibia: Recommendations for youth and educational approaches to implementation strategy and policy. Energy Policy, 187, Article 114015.

Alrawashdeh, G. S., Lindgren, S., Reyes, M., & Pisey, S. (2023). Engaging youth at school to advance sustainable agriculture and inspire future farming: evidence from Cambodia. Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, 29(5), 539-556.

Lindgren, S. A., McCleary, M., Gasper, S., Nieves, A., Shabana, A., & Stengren, K. (2023). Science teaching and learning in natural spaces and outdoor classrooms. Science Scope, 46(7), 72-77.

Lindgren, S. A., Mozumdar, L., Jones, M., Alrawashdeh, G., & Jahnke, K. (2023). Toward women’s access to and adoption of mechanization: Analysis of women’s farmer group services in Bangladesh. Proceedings of the 11th annual International Conference for Sustainable Development.

Alrawashdeh, G. S., Lindgren, S., Reyes, M., & Pisey, S. (2022). Developing Youth’s Capacities as Active Partners in Achieving Sustainable Global Food Security through Education. Environmental Sciences Proceedings, 15(1).

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