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Dr. Courtney Dorroll: "Mindfulness and self-Care Pedagogy for area Studies and Interdisciplinary Scholars and Students""

On April 4th, 2023 WGGP hosted a talk by Dr. Courney Dorroll on how Dorroll's 2019 book, Teaching Islamic Studies during the Age of ISIS and Islamophobia (Indiana University Press), created emotional labor for both the instructor and her students. Courtney found self-care pedagogy and sustainability practices to be key in replenishing herself and her students. When we ask scholars and students to engage with emotional, political, social justice oriented, and/or traumatic content we must also add in reflective and self-care practices to address and minimize secondary post-traumatic stress and burnout. This turn in the academy to have a focus on well-being in the classroom is especially important in light of the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on student and instructor mental health. Hand-out resources will be distributed.

Co-sponsored by: Center for African Studies; Center for Global Studies; College of Education Office of International Programs; Russian, East European and Eurasian Center; Women and Gender in Global Perspectives