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"Resilence in the times of COVID-19: Swataleem's Experience with rural adolescent girls"

On October 11, 2021, GRID Students, Ananya Tiwari and Rama Paudel hosted a panel on "Resilience in the times of COVID-19: Swataleem's Experience with Rural Adolescent Girls" via Zoom.

An estimated 10 million girls in India may not return to school when they reopen after the second wave of COVID-19. Furthermore, there will be an increase of more than 30 million child brides in the next decade globally, due to COVID-19 (UNESCO, 2020). Girls aged 12-17 are at particular risk of dropping out of school (India Education Diary, 2021). In this seminar, we will speak directly with girls and teachers from rural India to understand their experience with COVID-19 pandemic, and in particular, how it impacted girls' education in the Global South. We will also speak with grassroots team members and co-founder of the non-profit SwaTaleem to understand how girls and other stakeholders responded to this crisis. This event is part of the Global Intersections project series and is co-sponsored by the Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program