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"Takhayali [imagine.fem] Otherwise!"

On April 1, 2022 12pm, Dr. Natasha Aruri presented "Takhayali [imagine.fem] Otherwise! Neocolonialisms, Spatial narratives, Resistance" during a virtual talk.

Description: How can visual narratives of alternative worlds change the present and the future? This is the central theme of this talk which draws from research on employments of critical mapping by various actors (e.g. scholars, artists, civic initiatives) that are resisting systems of hegemony and dispossession in Berlin, Belgrade, Barcelona and Jerusalem North (Ramallah).

Dr. Natasha Aruri is a trained architect and urbanist focused on cities of exacerbated insecurities; spacio-politics of and resistance to neocolonialisms; and facing uncertainties and the climate crisis through people-based, dynamic strategies of spatial design.