2019 Illinois Presenters and Highlighted Individuals


Toby Beauchamp
Gender and Women’s Studies
Recognized person: Miss Major Griffin-Gracy

Carla Caceras
Integrative Biology 
Recognized person: Carol Folt

Elyne Cole
Assoc. Chancellor for HR

Recognized person: Marva Collins

Kevin Hamilton
Dean, Fine and Applied Arts

Recognized person: Marie Reidemeister

Wendy Heller

Recognized person: Mahzarin R. Banaji



Kimberlee Kidwell
Dean, Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences 

Recognized person: Barbara McClintock

Emily Labarbera-Twarog
Labor and Employment Relations
Recognized person: Mary Zuk

Denise Loyd
Business Administration
Recognized person: Devah Pager

Jamelle Sharpe
College Law

Recognized person: Sarah Ragle Weddington

Heather Wright
College of Medicine

Recognized person: Susan La Flesche Picotte


Recommended Books List


Miss Major Griffin Gracy
Trap Door By: Reina Gossett

Devah Pager
Marked By: Devah Pager

Susan LaFlesche
A Warrior of the People by: Joe Starita
The Scalpel and the Silver Bear By: Lori Arviso Alvord

Mahzaria Banaji
Blind Spot By: Mahzarin Banaji

Dr. Barbara McClintock
A Feeling for the Organism By: Evelyn Fox Keller


Marie Reidemister
The Secret History of Women in Coding By: Clive Thompson

Hidden Figures By: Margot Lee Shetterly

Algorithms of Oppression by: Safiya Umoja Noble 

Sarah Weddington
A Question of Choice by: Sarah Weddington

Carol Folt
Writing Successful Science Proposals By: Carol Folt

Marva Collins
Ordinary Children, Extraordinary Teachers By: Marva Collins


International Women's Day 2019 photos

Photos taken by Darrell Hoemann