Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program
Request for Proposals

Deadline Extended to October 31, 2021

Application Information:

The Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program (WGGP) invites University of Illinois faculty and graduate students to submit proposals for possible inclusion in WGGP’s application to the U.S. Department of Education Title VI Program for the AY 2022-2026 period.

WGGP encourages projects that support research, teaching, and outreach activities that advance innovative approaches to international studies, with an emphasis on the global south and gender.

Funding requests should typically not exceed $20,000 total over the four-year cycle of the Department of  Education funding period.

Examples of supported activities include:

  • Developing new courses that could count towards the WGGP GRID minor or LAS Global Studies/WGGP undergraduate certificate in Global Health
  • Conference planning
  • Developing graduate courses
  • Developing advanced professional seminars
  • Supporting the acquisition of advanced language skills in Less Commonly Taught Languages  (LCTL), especially in the Global South
  • Faculty development in the knowledge and skillsets in gender and global studies, specifically looking at the Global South
  • Faculty travel in support of course development, program development, research, and new campus  linkages
  • Outreach activities to Community Colleges (CCs) and K-12 levels of instruction

Types of Projects Considered:

All projects must have implications for globalizing the research, teaching, or outreach of gender in the Illinois campus. In addition, proposals should reflect an interdisciplinary or interprofessional approach and make explicit the relevance of gender and the Global South.  We encourage them to encompass one or more of the following topical themes or research clusters, focusing on:

  • Migration
  • Climate Change
  • Transitional Justice
  • Language and Degree Programs in Less Commonly Taught Languages and Cultures specific to Global South

Please note that the above themes are illustrative and not exhaustive.

Preliminary Proposal Interest:

For project proposals, we ask that you complete the preliminary interest form at

Someone will be in touch within 2 weeks of submission to follow up on the proposal and discuss next steps and if the proposal is accepted will request additional information.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria:

All proposals must broadly address and support the WGGP mission. Preference will be given to interdisciplinary projects that involve inter- and intra- unit and college collaboration. In addition, the  following general criteria will be used to evaluate proposals (although each proposal need not address all criteria):

  • Potential impact on:
    • Students
    • Faculty / Staff
    • Field of Study
    • Outreach community (K-12 teachers and students; CCs; business; policymakers,  media representatives, etc.)
  • Appropriate budget plan
  • The ability of the proposer(s) to complete the project successfully
  • Appropriateness of dissemination plans
  • Sustainability of project: provision for continuing the activities under the award following the  grant period.

For further guidance or general questions, please contact Anita Kaiser, Associate Director (, 217-333-6221).


Proposals must be received by WGGP by Friday, September 24, 2021 for full consideration. Awards to be included in the Center Title VI application will be announced as soon thereafter as possible.


All faculty awardees will be designated as Faculty Affiliates of the Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program. They will also be required to provide periodic project status reports.  Awardees may also be invited to make additional presentations at WGGP organized events. A final report will be required at the end of the agreed upon project period.

What cannot be funded under the Title VI Grant:

  • Alcohol and food
  • Direct support for research
  • Student travel
  • Travel Preparation (Visa, passport, medication, clothing, cell phone usage, etc.)